Professional Cordless Phone Headsets EMS-580M

• Super-Pro sound quality, ideal for the most demanding environments telemarketing, call center..etc. 
• Intelligent flexible rubber boom, ultra noise canceling microphone to reduce background noise
• Stylish design, lightweight, durable and comfortable for all day use
• Acoustic Shock Protection circuit
• Monaural design, hearing on one side and microphone can be on either ear
• Replaceable soft foam or soft leatherette ear pad
•Adjustable headband
•Quick disconnect cord (optional)for the convenience of walking away without removing the headset
•Plantronics or GN Netcom Compactible Quick Disconnect  
•Professional Volume Control and Mute function(optional)


Driver Unit                        1×Ф30mm 
Frequency Response    20-20kHz 
Impedance                     150 ohm 
Sensitivity                         105dB 
Max input power              10mW 
Plug                                RJ9/USB/2.5mm/3.5mm 
Cord Length                    1.2m Coiled cable